BDI-2 Training FAQs

Answers to the following questions have been provided by BabyNet State Office.

Do we start implementing the BDI-2 as of October 1, 2011?
Yes, as of October 1, 2011, the implementation of the BDI-2 begins.

Do we continue to adjust for prematurity?

We will continue to adjust for prematurity for the purposes of determining eligibility through ICO/established risk, per appendix 3 of the BNPPM. We will NOT adjust for prematurity when Battelle is used for the purposes of determining eligibility through ICO/documented delays in development.

Should we continue to use the ICO form?
Capture ICO documentation for all children on BN019, over 4 mos. Will revise and remove form for < 4 mos.

Will we see some changes in the IFSP?
Yes, sections 6B and 8 of the IFSP will be modified for the BDI-2.

What score(s) should go in sections 6B and 8 of the IFSP?
For initial IFSPs, standard deviations and/or developmental quotients can be entered in sections 6B and 8.

When using an interpreter, do I use the English as a Second Language (ESL) version of the BDI-2 or the English version of the BDI-2?
If you, the service coordinator, are bilingual, then use the ESL version. If the service coordinator is not bilingual, then use the English version of the BDI-2 and provide the interpreter with the ESL version to use. The scoring should be reviewed as the child’s age equivalent to discuss the results with the family. The family should be provided a copy of the results.

Who do I contact for BabyNet policy questions related to the BDI-2?
Local BN State Office Associate assigned to SPOE office.

How do we use the Special Instruction Indicators with the BDI-2

More information on special instruction indicators coming soon.

Who completes the initial assessments for children with qualifying diagnoses?
Children who are found eligible for BabyNet based on Established Risk are referred to DDSN/SCSDB for initial assessment and initial IFSP development.

Where can I find the most recent BabyNet Policy and Procedure Manual?
Both versions of the BabyNet Policy and Procedure manual can be found on the First Steps website.

How do we order more Batelle booklets?: 

Please contact Robin Morris at BabyNet State Office to order more Testing Booklets.

How many units can SPOE staff bill for administration of the BDI-2?

8 Units

If a child's scores on the BDI-2 do not meet eligibility criteria, can they still be found eligible for BabyNet?

Yes, scores should not be the only pieces of information used to determine eligibility.  The eligibility team must also consider medical records, other test results, parent concerns, etc. and base the decision on informed clinical opinion or ICO.  The ICO process requires the team to consider all of the formal and informal testing results together, to determine eligibility.

Answers to the following questions have been provided by Team for Early Childhood Solutions.

How do we calculate percentage of delay with the BDI-2?
The BDI-2 uses standard deviations and developmental quotients. BabyNet will use -1.5 standard deviations in two domains (about a 25% delay in 2 domains) or -2.0 standard deviations in one domain (about a 40% delay in one domain).

What will the developmental quotients be for a -1.5 standard deviation or a- 2.0 standard deviation?
A 1.5 standard deviation will equate to a developmental quotient of 78-70.
A 2.0 standard deviation will equate to a developmental quotient of 70 or below.

How do we adjust for prematurity? (Note:  Do not adjust for prematurity for eligibility determination for children with suspected developmental delay when using the BDI-2)
After calculating the child’s Chronological Age (CA), then subtract the amount of time that the child was born premature. For example, if a child was born 8 weeks premature and the child is now 22 months old, please subtract the 8 weeks from his age, which would equal 20 months. So when you are calculating the BDI-2 scores, please use the adjusted age for the child. Note: There are numerous free smart phone applications (apps) that calculate chronological and adjusted ages.
• Online Age Calculators:

Who do I contact if I have questions about the administering of the BDI-2?
The Team for Early Childhood Solutions (TECS) can be contacted for technical assistance questions or concerns related to the administering of the instrument. Please submit questions to the TECS Online Helpdesk for timely responses.

How do I access the BDI-2 online scoring system?
BDI-2 Data Manager Online:
Tutorial for entering children and assessments:

Where do I find the Crosswalk for the BDI-2 to use for Child Outcomes?
It is available at the ECO website

Thank you for contacting us.

TECS Helpdesk

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